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News Items

In the last few weeks we lost two valued members of our League.


On February 24th we lost Ramona Fradon of Woodstock, who was 97. Her obituary in the weekly newspaper HV 1 states that she “is well-known for her work in the comic industry and was one of the two first women to break the glass ceiling and become a commercial comic illustrator with comic book giants DC and Marvel Comics.” She was a household member with her daughter Amy, who in 2020 happily sent us a selfie of the two of them braving the pandemic to get out and vote. The obituary also has this: “A Depression baby, Ramona still had tears when she saw a picture of Franklin Roosevelt and she cared deeply about America and voting.” The news of her passing was also shared on CBS News Sunday Morning on March 3rd.


On March 15th we lost John Moriarty of Kingston, age 83, a retired IBM-er and business advisor, a long-time member and dedicated volunteer with the League, and a dear friend to so many of us. He and wife Jacki were household members for decades and their daughter Chris Henning has also been a member for most of her adult life. We have watched Chris’ son John go from man to grown-up architect and several years ago he was one of our League’s “Students Inside Albany.” The delightful Moriarty spirit lives on in Jacki, Chris, and John, but the loss of their tall, generous, and humorous husband, father, and grandfather is deeply felt by the League.


We extend our sympathy to the families and friends of these two remarkable people and are proud and grateful to have had them in the League.